Led by “The Best Young Instructor in America” Kyle Morris, “Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional in the country” Lindsay Becker, acclaimed mental performance coach to the pros, Dr. Kays, and AJGA College Advisor Rich Brazeau,The Golf ROom is the premiere destination for your junior golfer’s development.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to look at our elite talent that we coach at The Golf Room.

Having won 8 professional events, playing 7 years of professional golf around the world in over 20 countries, earning my way into the Seton Hall University Hall of Fame as one of the programs greatest players and now coaching Top PGA Tour players, I know what Elite juniors need to learn in order to be successful in college. We pride ourselves in not only helping them develop great skills, bodies, and minds, but also to be great people. Our elite program is second to none. Due to the rigorous schedule and testing we do with all our players, it is fair to say that our players enter college more as blossomed Sophomore’s or Junior’s, than Freshman. Listed below are a few of the things that we do in our program to help our players develop for the demands of college golf.

  1. Perform extensive testing in the areas of their skill (Trackman Combines, short game combines, equipment testing, K-motion bio feedback testing, ground pressure mapping), body (physical testing and evaluations, nutrition logging), mind (Focus Band Combines and heart rate monitor testing, combined with Golf Disc Profiles to help learn their personality type).
  2. Develop performance goals and daily practice plans for attaining them. Not just outcome goals with no action plans. Players journal and reflect daily on these goals.
  3. How to practice efficiently by having practice menus that have relevant drills and games to improve their weak areas. This allows them to be their own coach and self-monitor themselves while at school (quality vs quanity).
  4. How to keep stats and use them to dictate their practice (shotbyshotshot.com).
  5. How to make a quality yardage book and use it properly during competition.
  6. How to break a course down by having par 4, par 5 and par 3 strategies using stats and Decade Course Management System.
  7. Weekly testing on our player handbook (Competitive Player Handbook) to learn the nuances of playing such as how much 1 MPH effects the balls carry or how to play out of different grass types.
  8. Character score cards done twice a year to show their strengths and weakness as people.
  9. Our players spend 12 hours a week minimum training with Kyle Morris on their swing, Lindsay Becker on their body, and or Dr. Todd Kays on their mind

NOTE: : All of this is stored online on their CoachNow profile and in a hard copy binder which they will show you on their recruiting trip.

If you recruit one of our players, you can be confident that you will be getting a well-trained player. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about our players at Kmorris@TheGolfRoom.com or 614-264-6490. You are also welcome to visit our 8,000 square foot, 6 Trackman, Boditrak, K-motion, Focus band facility any time you would like.

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